Permitted Uses and Terms

These terms apply to the free PSD files, including free premium files and files on sale. This work is a copyright and intellectual property of The PSD files are published under the Creative Common 3.0 Attribution License.

That means that you can use (copy, re-distribute, adapt, re-work) the PSD file (or part of it), even commercially, with the condition that you must give credit to for the creation of the artwork.

How to credit?

We are giving great resources for free and the only thing we ask in exchange is that we are credited for the work we’ve done as the license require when you publish our artwork. You can also consider buying some premium covers.


Re-distribution of the PSD files can be done only if the download is done from our site. This means you can publish the JPG preview of the design in your site or descriptions BUT the download of the actual PSD file MUST BE DONE FROM OUR SITE.

Here are some examples of how the credit will finally looks:

Designed by
Facebook Cover by
Corporate Cover by

Please note that premium files that you buying do not need attribution to this site.